Offering FAQ
Several members have very kindly asked how they may continue to give their financial offerings. This answers a few questions that might be on your mind…

Q. Can I send the minister my envelope through the post, or drop it into him?

A. For security (and transparency) reasons, no money is kept at any property associated or connected with the Church. Our minister’s level of involvement in Church Finances is on a strictly necessary or need-to-know basis. Please do not send any money addressed to either the Church, the Minister, or our Treasurer.

Q. At this time, do you really think that Churches should be chasing people for money?

A. Absolutely not. We fully appreciate that the present situation has impacted people in every aspect of our lives, including financially. Please note that no-one from Edengrove will ever call you asking for contributions or financial details.

Q. Why are you addressing this issue?

A. We are addressing this issue because some people have been in contact asking how they can donate. If you are in a position to do so and have the desire to do so, we want you to be able to do so safely. At the moment, we will only accept offerings via a bank transfer, or via a standing order. This means that (a) all donations are safe and secure, and (b) all donations are fully accountable. We are a registered charity (NIC105309) and we want to bring glory to God in how we handle our finances.

For bank details or to enquire about online banking please contact 02897563373.